JP Davy

JP Davy

Use .test Instead of .dev For Local Dev TLDs

by JP Davy - December 7th, 2017

Google Chrome 63, how I loathe thee. For now.

Laravel Valet makes local development so easy. Why couldn't <code>.dev</code> TLDs remain free from Chrome's SSL frenzy, keeping my brain from exploding?

Ok, so it's not really <i>that</i> big of a deal. Chrome 63 forces any .dev TLD to be SSL. Makes sense, since .dev is a valid TLD. But still, <code>.test</code> is just so... ugly.

As this article on Laravel News points out, if you're using Laravel Valet, cd into the directory that you have parked (where all your dev directories live). Then just type valet domain test to use .test for all your local development domains.