JP Davy

JP Davy

Small Porsche Project Update

The One Where I Order An Expensive Part

by JP Davy - June 4th, 2021

I guess all I can say is it pays to know how to use your tools properly.

While waiting for some paint to dry this evening, I decided to look at my Klein MultiMeter 300 as it was in the workbench cupboard next to my sander that I had just put away. Looking at the symbols on the MultiMeter I quickly googled what they all meant, and found several YouTube videos explaining. I came across one talking about continuity, and BAM! I remembered that one of the fuel pump diagnostic steps I had gone through last summer talked about testing continuity. Only, I didn't really know what continuity was, and how to test it with the MultiMeter.

I quickly rushed over to my Porsche workbench, found the diagnostic steps for the fuel system I had printed out, and proceeded to go back through the steps. It was step 6 (of 27) where I hit the continuity I knew so little about - 15 minutes into the process. And it was step 6 where I found my fault. You see, before, I had made it all the way to step 15 before I had given up for another time, but if I had taken 5 minutes to research how to use my tools properly, I would've found out it the issue is a bad relay board LAST SUMMER!

The end of this little story is that the Relay Boards are no longer made by Porsche, and so they are quite hard to find. I found a rebuilt one on eBay, for about $300 (from seller hpporschesales).

It's a little pricey, but considering they were $500 ten years ago, and are no longer made, it could be worse. The board should arrive (hopefully) by the middle of June, and then I can see if that was the fuel system issue that won't let me start the car up.